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Z10 Tension Sensor
Z20 Dynamic Disturbance Sensor
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K20 Tensioner

Gallagher is the leading international manufacturer of alarm-monitored security fence.


Gallagher Products alone create a Security System that can Detect, Deter, and Delay any threat to You, Your Employees, and Your Facility via the Perimeter as well as an Access Control System. 


Easy integration with existing and third-party systems allows a user friendly operation during a threat for optimized response time and limited loss.


Through Solid Security, Gallagher provides a variety of perimeter security technologies that can deliver Alarm-Monitored Detection with either a High-Voltage Deterrent Shock, "Low-Feel" System, and/or a "No-Feel" System.



Gallagher-Perimeter Security

Fields Utilizing Gallagher Security Systems:


•Auto Salvage Yards

•Coal Power Plants

•Commercial Businesses

•Commercial Warehousing

•Construction Work Areas

•Correctional Facilities

•Distribution Centers

•Electrical Sub-Stations

•Government Buildings

•Manufacturing Facilities

•Military Bases & Outposts

•National Borders

•Nuclear Power Plants

•Oil Refineries

•Shipping Ports

•Water Treatment Facilities

•And More 

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Perimeter Products

Gallagher Command Centre


Utilizing a client server architecture, Gallagher Command Centre provides a powerful and versatile feature set enabling system operators to configure, monitor, and control the security system.


Gallagher enables powerful management of site systems through the Command Centre software.


Advanced multi-zone protection on multiple distributed locations is provided; and perimeters can be integrated with other security systems such as:  imaging, intruder alarm or access control, alarm monitoring and signaling. 


Gallagher Command Centre can be fully customized to suit your business needs.


Gallagher Command Centre Mobile App


Designed specifically for the iPhone and i0S8, this elegant application provides a whole new way of interacting with the Gallagher Command Centre solution.


A number of powerful Command Centre features have now been introduced in Gallagher’s mobile app.


Sleek and simple, the interface allows alarms to be monitored and acknowledged on the go.

Door and zone status can be checked and overridden, and Guards can challenge cardholder identities anytime, anywhere.

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