Tattletale Portable Alarm Systems

Base Unit
The Rattler
The Loop
The Interceptor
Outdoor Motion Sensors
Window & Door Sensors

Commercial Unit


Tattletale portable alarms have been protecting the largest commercial job sites under the most extreme conditions for 15 years without ever being defeated.


There are over 1200 utility sub-stations, nuclear power plants, and Blackhawk helicopters protected by tattletale.



Base Unit
Door & Window Sensors
Indoor Motion Sensors
Smoke & Heat Sensors

Personal Unit


Tattletale has been in the security business for over 16 years and has never been out performed.


Tattletale has created a device that not only saves lives, but is also incredibly durable and completely portable.


Portable to the point that you can literally take and place the new unit anywhere you want protected.


How can you say no to a device that protects a traveling US Constitution or the Rolling Stones while on tour?

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